Thursday, November 11, 2010

City Center Multan

City Center Multan from Shariq Majeed on Vimeo.

well this was an unforgettable project in the sense of its size and duration
the client wanted a 10 minutes of animation in only 50 days,
The more interesting about this project was the fact that it was already assigned
to intergraphics the company i was working with 3 years back and it is considered the best
arch viz company in Pakistan but the client was not satisfied ... well thats what the
client told me :), this was also alarming for me because if the client was not satisfied
by the best in Pakistan then how we be able to satisfy him ???
but later on i found out that it was not a matter of visual satisfaction but problem of
ego both from the intergraphic's owner and my client  so he came to us... well we took this project
and delivered  it on time , the client was happy so we were happy :)
this is not an actual 10 minutes of animation , rater just an edit on a music ... Enjoy

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